Thank you for being part of the journey so far. We released the ANGEL tokens on the 25th of May through a fair launch and we have some updates and explanations on certain changes to the tokenomics we made just before launch.

The initial maximum supply had to be adjusted due to the rebase feature in the smart contracts, from the initial 888,888,888 supply to 888,000,000. As a result every other thing in the distribution scheme took similar effect (222,222,222 becomes 222,000,000 and more like that). Everything is still distributed and allocated the same in terms of percentages.

We also…

Since the start of DeFi summer in 2020, there has been a surge of activity and development in the space, however, engaging in DeFi on the Ethereum blockchain has become really expensive & sometimes slow, which prices out retail and only leaves a bunch of the activity in the hands of the already wealthy people. The Binance Smart Chain(BSC) gives us another chance to still make DeFi happen, at an even cheaper rate especially with gas prices halving recently.

With Angel Finance, retail has a chance at making angel investments in a fair and cost-effective manner. …

Angel Finance

An angel investments DeFi platform

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